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Why You Should Have a Sports Massage

Why You Should Have a Sports Massage
14 Nov 16

Why You Should Have a Sports Massage

Tailored to affect particular muscle groups in the body, sports massage therapies are widely advocated by athletes for the treatment of pain or lack of flexibility. In fact, sports massage therapy is becoming a popular option among non-athletes as well due to its effects on the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Below, we are going to present a brief overview of the benefits of a sports massage:

Focus and Relaxation

A sports massage enhances focus and concentration while minimizing stress. Athletes and all sport participants tend to train better in a good psychological state without worrying about any discomfort or pain.

Enhanced Performance

Incorporating a sports massage into your routine can not only make you feel lighter, but more flexible and powerful as well. A sports massage that has been administered properly can help flush lactic acid out of the body, decreasing the likelihood of getting a sports-related injury. In addition, massage therapy can effectively relieve athletes’ physical pains, muscle stiffness and immobility.

Prevention of Unwanted Injuries

By far, the best reason to get a sports massage is that it helps your muscles and joints move within their proper range of motion. A sports massage works in the same way as a pre-workout warm-up: it enables the athlete’s muscles to become pliable so that they can stay in optimum shape before, during, and after their workout.

Post-Race Recovery

Many times, injuries are caused by an overuse of certain muscles. A sports massage can easily help reduce the likelihood of muscle wear and tear and can decrease pain, soreness and inflammation…along with proper treatment of soft tissue injuries such as sprains.

It is important to note that athletes should always get a deep tissue massage or sports massage at least a week before a big event in order to be in perfect shape on the day of the event.

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