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Benefits of Massage Therapy for Labour Pains

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Labour Pains
10 Oct 16

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Labour Pains

According to a study conducted on the effectiveness of massage therapy during pregnancy and labour, women who received massage therapy reported a significant decrease in labour pain and a shorter labour time than average. So how exactly does massage therapy help during labour pain?

Muscle Relaxation

Massage therapy for labour pain usually starts after the fifth week of pregnancy and targets the main parts of a woman’s body that remain overworked over the course of pregnancy – feet, back, legs and hips. Using the right technique, the massage can relieve anxiety through proper attention to stiff muscles which in turn can help restore muscle flexibility during childbirth.

Reduced Anxiety

Stress is one of the main causes of leg and lower back pain. Massage techniques aimed at deep muscle relaxation have shown promising results in the form of reduced stress and an increase in pain tolerance levels. Along with the added technique to decrease chronic lower back pain, women have reported an improved mood and improved sleep patterns which helps alleviate anxiety and back pain during labour.

Fewer Complications

When undergoing massage therapy for labour pains, the body receives just the right amount of pressure to help improve blood flow, relax the muscles, and even decreases stress levels. In addition, therapy also helps decrease norepinephrine levels which contribute to a positive effect in childbirth. With enhanced sleeping patterns, the body is enabled to rest and repair itself and better equipped to support itself through the pain of childbirth.

Post Childbirth

Massage therapy helps in improving the renal function and decreasing the risk of high blood pressure for mothers after child birth, which can really help alleviate the chances of postpartum depression. In addition to controlling the mother’s anxiety levels, stress levels and pain intensity, massage therapy can also help balance the body’s inner mechanisms after birth.

Childbirth represents a challenging and unique experience for any woman, but with expert help from professional massage therapists, mothers-to-be are finding the comfort and help they need to cope up with labour pain with as little stress and anxiety as possible.

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