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No quick fix: dietary plans which set up bad habits

No quick fix: dietary plans which set up bad habits
26 Sep 16

No quick fix: dietary plans which set up bad habits

Getting to your ideal weight definitely takes some work. Mainly, weight loss is often rooted in a program of 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise. You can work a treadmill or do resistance training every day of the week, but if the food you eat cancels out the calories burned, you may have trouble getting the extra pounds off.

Fad diets don’t work

Many people obviously want to get in shape so they try a myriad of diet plans to slim down. Often they set themselves up for failure. It’s hard to blame them: diet and weight loss are widely misunderstood. Compounded by a health and diet industry looking to make a quick buck off of those without a full understanding of good habits, it is easy to become confused or overwhelmed with information. It’s important to understand which diet plans are not viable for long lasting success.

Build life-long habits

Diet and health have to be looked at as lifelong habits. It is not a temporary band aid. When you make the commitment to a healthy plan, you want to look at it as something you will be able to stay with for years. Diet plans, such as the notorious “get slim in six” (meaning months or weeks) aren’t good choices. You’ll likely lose weight under such a plan, sure, but after those six weeks you’ll go right back to old diet habits which got you to the unwanted weight problem in the first place.

Commercials which broadcast their special brand of pill, supplement, or food type don’t work either. Losing weight is mainly about eating fewer calories. If you eat a special brand of diet foods, you are just eating low calorie food and perhaps at a premium cost. Taking weight loss supplements does you no good either. Do you plan on taking this pill for the rest of your life? Not only does it likely have some unwanted side effects, you’re doing nothing to set up good habits, just seeking the quick fix and you will likely be at the bad habits again in short order.

Other simple solution diets often have you trying to cleanse or eating one category of food only. They may result in denying your body variety of nutrition it requires and this can have some pretty negative side effects. The more the marketers try to sell you on a miracle, the less effective it will actually be.

There are no shortcuts to good fitness. The basic rules of weight loss are constant, so avoid getting sucked in to the world of snake oil and miracle pills.

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