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Yoga: A Great Way to Stretch

Yoga: A Great Way to Stretch
15 Aug 16

Yoga: A Great Way to Stretch

Switch up Your Stretching with Some Yoga

There are many ways stretching can benefit the human body – and there are many activities we can include in our lives that count as stretching. Usually when we think of stretching, we think of basic moves such as back twists, triceps stretches or shoulder rolls. But yoga can also be a form of stretching.

Many people are under the impression that yoga is just stretching – and while that’s definitely not the case, doing yoga even once or twice a week can be a great component in your regular stretching routine.

A Little Yoga or a Lot – It All Helps

Whether you want to have a regular yoga practice, or simply wish to add it into your schedule once a week as one part of your stretching routine, there are many benefits that can result. While it’s easy to fit in a few stretches here and there throughout your day, it’s also beneficial to engage in a prolonged stretching session at least once a week, and yoga qualifies.

Everyone Can Do Yoga – Really!

You might think you’re not flexible enough to do yoga – but most poses can be modified so that everyone can participate, and certain types of classes will be more “gentle” than others. There are also yoga routines of various lengths that focus on certain parts of the body – so if you want to concentrate on one area, you’ll be able to find what you need. For example, people who sit in a chair or car for long periods of time might want to find a yoga routine that focuses on the hips and hip flexor area, which tends to get tight when not regularly stretched. Regardless of your skill level, target area, or flexibility level, you can find a class that will be right for you.

The Benefits of Yoga go Beyond Flexibility

If you decide to add yoga to your stretching regimen, you will be increasing your flexibility and more! Yoga has many benefits to the body such as strength building, breath work, cardio, and body relaxation and body awareness. It can be a great way to get in several workouts at once – including stretching.

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