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Managing proper food portions

Managing proper food portions
25 Jul 16

Managing proper food portions

The world of ‘health’ seems needlessly complicated. There is a whole industry dedicated to telling you about miracle workouts or diets to easily burn away those extra pounds. You hear about dieting with respective programs to get you losing weight fast. The concept itself doesn’t sound like much fun: having to eat tasteless foods like tofu and radically reduce the amount of food you ingest. Who wants to be hungry and miserable?

Well, the world of ‘health’ is also loaded with misconceptions. It’s true, lowering weight does require retooling what you eat, but the secret isn’t actually a big one. Really, it’s all about a few key rules. One is ‘calories in, calories out’. This means if you want to lose weight, you need to expend more calories than you take in. This can be achieved somewhat through exercise, but that is not the only way.

Through managing your food portions, you can avoid overeating. In fact, the great thing about portion control is that you don’t have to stop eating any of your favourite foods. You could, in theory, have a donut every morning if you so choose. However, you wouldn’t be eating the whole donut… only a portion of it.

If you are looking to start shedding pounds, then you need to aim for a calorie deficiency. To do this with portion control, often a good place to start is by checking the calorie count of the foods that you eat. On a nutrition facts label, always pay attention to “size per serving” and “serving amounts.” If you eat a chocolate bar and it says 180 calories, you might want to double check. Usually, not only is it 180 calories, but it also has “calories from fat,” and will also say how many servings the whole bar would be (let’s say 3 here). So, misjudging, you actually ate about 500 calories of sugar and fat, thinking it was much less.

So, managing portions is a key factor in cutting out extra calories. It’s a discipline which has to be built over a period of time and careful planning ahead of your day’s calorie intake can be really helpful in this regard. Ultimately portion control can benefits a person’s health in a lot of ways… without requiring any extreme modifications to what they eat, just how much they eat.

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