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“Healthy” foods not so healthy

“Healthy” foods not so healthy
27 Jun 16

“Healthy” foods not so healthy

Okay, so you want to get more health conscious and you’ve heard one of the best ways to improve yourself is through a nutritious diet. You heard right, of course. So you head on down to a local grocer and scan the aisles for healthy food, spotting all sorts of mini-treasures. Oh, low fat variants of your favourite snack, diet pop, frozen items with “premium” cuts and all-natural ingredients. Foods that boast they are totally ‘green’ a prominent label. Sounds great, you snag them all and make them part of your routine plan, only to discover find a few weeks later that you are not actually losing weight. Heck maybe you don’t feel much better either. What gives?

It’s generally because these healthy foods aren’t actually so nutritious after all. The food market is loaded with buzzword terms and phrases to get you to look at their product over another. The unfortunate reality is often what is low-fat or cutting calories has processed additives or fillers somewhere else. Sometimes ‘low-fat’ ends up being higher in sugar.

You want something economical and easy to make which tastes pretty good, but you don’t want to feel unhealthy as a result of it either. Marketers know this, and carefully create terms to give you a generally positive impression of their food. It is important to be aware of this, because those diet items can be pretty bad themselves. For example, an all veggie, organic pizza or lasagna is a powder keg of calories. A single serving can be roughly 400-500 calories (out of a 2500 daily recommended amount), but one might think it is just fine because in contains vegetables and the word ‘organic.’

Realistically, those vegetables don’t have much nutritional value anymore, and the word organic has roughly no meaning (it’s up in the air if the term is even FDA regulated). To get the actual wholesome foods you seek, well, look for whole foods! Vegetables, fruits, meats, things you can cook, are the real deal, skipping the whole food processing aspect entirely.

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