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Drinking your calories

Drinking your calories
23 May 16

Drinking your calories

We are always looking for ways to cut down on calories, but what many people don’t even realize is that they often drink them. Since their introduction, sugary ‘soda’ pop has been a pretty big hit and has no sign of losing popularity. Hard to blame people for enjoying pop, as these drinks are essentially liquid candy, sometimes with a boost of caffeine to give a quick burst of energy. Unfortunately, tasty as they are, they pack lots of sugar with no nutritional value, and when people get ‘hooked’ they can be responsible for a big portion of a daily caloric intake… which causes weight gain.

The best way to curb these cravings is to identify the kind of beverages you drink on a regular basis. The big question you should ask is “how much water have I had today?” If your answer was ‘none’, then it’s a good idea to grab a glass. Water helps our bodies function in general, keeps us cool, and helps flush fat from the system. Additionally, water has no calories and may help fight against sugar cravings.

When we opt for flavoured drinks, regardless of what it is, we’re training ourselves to desire flavour or sugar during hydration, rather than just wanting to hydrate. This habit will encourage you to choose pop more often than water, and even sets up the brain to desire more sugary foods. The psychological reward associated with drinking a pop is a strong one, so that’s why substituting water as your beverage of choice helps fight against this bad habit.

Pop also tends to be full of chemical byproducts which tax our liver and kidneys. These preservatives themselves don’t lead to harmful things like cancer (unless taken in extreme portions) but they’re artificial and bad for the body’s natural process. Additionally, all those sugary drinks contribute to more serious health issues, like diabetes.

Often we look at food as our biggest source of excess calories, but it’s easy to forget that what you drink may be playing a significant part too. Next time, go for the glass of water…your body will thank you.

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