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Boost your Health and Confidence Through Experimentation

Boost your Health and Confidence Through Experimentation
28 Mar 16

Boost your Health and Confidence Through Experimentation

It can be easy to doubt yourself at times, especially when things aren’t going your way. But refraining from trying anything new due to the fear of failure can be an unhealthy way to live. It can leave you in a cyclical pattern where you want to improve your life, but don’t take the necessary steps to change anything. One important factor to getting out of this rut is to find ways to boost your self-confidence. This can be difficult in the initial stages, but it will become much easier over time, and soon you’ll find yourself taking on new challengers that you’ve never considered before.


If you’ve never exercised before or been active in a sport, trying out a new activity is definitely the best step in the right direction. Aerobic exercises within your own home can present you with small challenges that you can overcome with time, such as moving from doing ten push-ups to doing fifty. Exercise also increases blood flow to the brain, and releases dopamine, which is a hormone that contributes to feelings of happiness. If you feel better about yourself, you may feel more eager to try those new challenges.

Dressing Well

Nothing is a better confidence booster than looking your best. It can be as extravagant as purchasing a new wardrobe, or something as small as trying out a lovely shade of new nail polish. Looking good can help you to feel good! So put away those worn clothes, and go look for something new. Clearing out your closet of those clothes you never wear can be the first step in a fresh start.

Learn to be Uncomfortable

Making mistakes is a natural part of learning, so you shouldn’t shy away from that feeling. Knowing the limits of your comfort zone and stepping past them can help you to learn what you’re really capable of. And once you’re comfortable in that aspect, trying moving the boundaries again. You’ll soon learn that the things you used to shy away from aren’t as difficult as you made them out to be.

Learn to Play an Instrument

There are plenty of online videos teaching people how to learn a new instrument. You can find a small keyboard or cheap guitar and learn to play some sheet music. Eventually, you may even be able to play it by heart. Knowing that you taught that skill to yourself and didn’t give up can be a wonderful confidence booster.

Having a healthy amount of self-confidence will improve your overall health, as you’ll feel happier and you’ll be more active in a variety of activities that promote your well-being.

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