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Best Sources of Protein

Best Sources of Protein
22 Feb 16

Best Sources of Protein

During any fitness regimen, your body goes through a recovery period after exercise. During this recovery, your body works to adapt to the strain put on it from a particular regimen, and this is especially the case for resistance/strength training. When lifting weights, doing pushups, or generally putting strain on your muscles, you create micro tears the body repairs for a stronger you. But your body has to work with the resources it has, and without proper nutrients your gains will be diminished.

Enter protein… the vital source which helps build lean muscle. Anyone looking to create a stronger muscular system will need to have healthy portions to assist in recovery. Of course, the best sources of protein can seem elusive. For example, protein generally comes from meat like beef. You might eat a hamburger and get protein, but you’ve also taken on other elements too, some not as healthy as others. Thus, protein ingested should be in as healthy a form as possible.

There are certainly supplements and powders on the market which are straight up protein, often mixed with water or milk to be made into a shake. These can be pretty efficient as choices, although it depends on the brand. Depending on the powder, additives or other unwanted “contaminants” mean you don’t get one hundred percent protein; rather you get a supplement with other elements too.

There are a number of options for anyone who seeks a dietary source of protein. Many choices like fish (salmon), lean chicken, lean beef, and pork are great choices and often have about 30-40g of protein in a serving. Non meat sources, like beans, veggies, and eggs can also provide nutritional sources of protein. Introducing a variety of sources into your diet is a good way to ensure you are getting the protein you need.

Ultimately, it’s a good idea to check the source of protein and be mindful of any other unwanted content like sodium or bad fats. Once an ideal source is found, building lean muscle will come that much easier leading to superior gains and body building.

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