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Foam Rollers: Not Just for Athletes

Foam Rollers: Not Just for Athletes
16 Feb 16

Foam Rollers: Not Just for Athletes

Everyone Can Benefit From Using a Foam Roller

Using a foam roller can lead to significant health benefits. You might think that foam rolling is just for athletes or runners. While it’s true that using a foam roller does provide excellent benefits for athletes, it is also an excellent practice for people who sit at a desk all day or lead an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

Keep Your Muscles Long and Healthy

The best antidote for a sedentary lifestyle is to integrate more activity into each day! But for some of us, this is a difficult process – especially for those of us working in an office where we may spend a good part of our day sitting in a chair.

The body’s natural state is standing upright. When you spend a lot of time sitting, certain muscle groups start to adapt – but this isn’t necessarily a good thing! If you spend too much time in a chair (or on a couch), your hip muscles can begin to shorten, and your shoulders can start to round. The shortening of muscles can lead to joint problems.

You can counteract some of this by adding foam rolling to your exercise routine. One of the best benefits of using a foam roller is the lengthening of muscles, which can prevent “knots” and other types of pain that come from extensive sitting or poor posture.

Foam Rolling Increases Circulation

Using a foam roller also helps increase blood flow and circulation, allowing more nutrients to reach our fascia and muscle, and also allowing toxins and other waste materials to be removed efficiently. This promotes healthy muscles which are more flexible.

Foam Rolling Can Prevent Injuries – Even if You are Not an Athlete

Another way foam rolling can help people with sedentary lifestyles is by assisting in the prevention of injuries. Injuries can occur while exercising, but they can also occur at work or home – if your muscles and joints are inflexible or subject to pain and tightness. We don’t think of injuries from being sedentary as very common – but sitting all day can lead to knee, lower back, or other injuries if we’re not careful.

Make Foam Rolling Part of Your Long-term Routine

The more often you use your foam roller, the more benefits you’ll see. So even if you don’t notice anything different after your first few tries – keep at it! You might really start to notice improvements in your mobility, flexibility, and overall health.

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