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The Importance of Caring for your Feet

The Importance of Caring for your Feet
25 Jan 16

The Importance of Caring for your Feet

Taking care of your feet may seem like a hassle that you can put off, but it is well worth the effort to invest time into keeping them healthy. Your feet are the very foundation of what gets you through your day…literally! Over time, they can provide support for roughly hundreds of tons of pressure. So why wait until there is a problem to pay attention to your feet?

Basic foot care

Wash and dry your feet thoroughly, especially between the toes. Sweat can accumulate and increase your chances of getting athlete’s foot, which can be extremely uncomfortable. Keep your nails trimmed short so that they don’t rub against your shoes… but don’t trim too short, as this can lead to ingrown toenails.

Inspect your feet

This is a helpful step especially for those who are diabetic. Take notes of any change in colour, texture, or thickness of the skin, especially on your heels. If you do, you should inform your doctor right away.

Moisturize your feet

Given the amount of work that they do, it’s very easy for them to become dehydrated. Use a moisturizing lotion to keep the skin of your feet soft and flexible. This can prevent corns and calluses from forming, which in turn can cause a lot of pain when you walk.

Choose the right shoes

Even if that gorgeous pair of boots is in fashion, if they don’t fit right, don’t buy them. Having comfortable shoes will prevent problems from occurring, such as blisters and corns. Shoes that are too tight can also contribute to ingrown toenails. Some shoes may need breaking in, but they should be mostly comfortable when you try them on. Avoid shoes with decorative stitching, as this can make it impossible for the shoe to stretch.

Increase blood flow

Blood flow to the feet is important, as they require oxygenated blood just like every other part of your body. You can keep your feet healthy by staying mobile; sitting or standing for too long can cause aching legs. It’s also important not to cross your legs when you sit, as this can lead to unsightly varicose veins. When possible, try to curl your toes and rotate your ankles in order to prevent the joints and muscles from becoming stiff.

Your feet will take a lot of punishment over the years, so provide them with the best care you can in order to avoid ailments and pain that make it difficult to walk or even stand.

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