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What to Eat Before Working Out

What to Eat Before Working Out
14 Dec 15

What to Eat Before Working Out

The meal that you choose to eat before working out can make a dramatic difference in your workout performance and it can also affect your recovery, so you should be careful to eat the right foods at the right time before starting an intensive workout. Almost without question you should eat some sort of protein before working out.

Some people can tolerate eating protein as soon as an hour or so before working out, but many people have to eat two to three hours before working out because of nausea or other side effects from working out too soon after eating. The timing of a meal is important, but you should also be sure to pick the right foods that will provide you with energy and the nutrients to rebuild muscle.

Your meal ideally should be low in fat, moderate in fibre, high in protein and carbs, and composed of foods that normally sit well with you. Something like a chicken sandwich on whole grain bread, or even a fruit smoothie with a scoop or two of whey protein powder can be an excellent pre-workout meal.

With both of these meals you are getting carbohydrates for energy and muscle fueling protein while keeping fat levels low. Low fat is important because it can be difficult for your body to digest fat during a workout. Don’t try out a new meal before working out, stick to something that you are used to eating.

It is a good idea to consume some whey protein before working out and afterward as well. You don’t need to necessarily take whey protein right before working out; if you take it earlier in the day, the amino acids and nutrients from the whey protein will still be in your body and will keep your muscles fueled during your workout. Whey protein is important because it has all of the essential amino acids that are used to build muscle.

You never want to work out without consuming some protein beforehand, even if it is not whey protein, but whey protein is guaranteed to have everything you need as long as you choose a quality brand. Stick to well-known brands or organic whey protein. Also, be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water before, during and after working out, and be sure to also eat within 30 to 45 minutes after working out.

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