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Quality Over Quantity In Your Workout Routine

Quality Over Quantity In Your Workout Routine
30 Nov 15

Quality Over Quantity In Your Workout Routine

Are you one of those people who heads to the gym and but then just goes through the motions? Worse yet, are you the person who tries to rush through your workout routine just to get it all done? If you are being honest with yourself, there is a good chance that if you are not completely committed to fitness: you go for ‘quantity’ over ‘quality’. That means that you want to get in, get it done, and move along rather than put the proper time and focus into it. If this sounds familiar, then you may want to change up your approach so that you can achieve truly great results.

Rather than just moving quickly through your regimen in hopes of getting it right, it is much more beneficial to slow it down and work on proper form. If you are lifting weights, then you want to focus on the muscle group that you are working. Slow down and learn what it means to practice proper form and technique. Rather than rushing through and hitting it for an obscure number of reps, try for fewer reps but make them all count. It is not always about how many you do, but more about how well you perform them.

Slow Down and Be Sure of What You’re Doing

If you are not performing an exercise properly, then it doesn’t really matter how many reps or sets you do. It is important to get the movement correct and then work your way up to adding reps. Tit is the quality of the movement that matters most, and why you need to take your time and learn what you are doing. Work with a personal trainer or get some type of instruction to get it just right—it will make the exercises count that much more!

So before you hit the gym and try to push out a ton of reps quickly, slow down and think about what it is you are doing. Even if you are a workout veteran, taking your time to ensure quality movements can be critical. If you ensure you are getting it right and the movements are of the utmost quality, then you will be much better off for it. Quality really does count, so focus on that first and then add in the quantity, intensity, and resistance later on.

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