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The Importance of Combining Massage, Exercise, and Diet for a Healthy Life

The Importance of Combining Massage, Exercise, and Diet for a Healthy Life
12 Oct 15

The Importance of Combining Massage, Exercise, and Diet for a Healthy Life

When we think about health and wellness, it is sometimes challenging to focus on more than one element at a time. If you are sick, you think about getting better. If you are working on improving your eating habits, you might not be as focused on other parts of your routine… such as working out and sleeping well.

Keeping yourself healthy often means taking a more holistic view of how you take care of yourself. (For example, lack of sleep has been connected to weight gain in some studies.) With that in mind, here are some ways to make sure your diet, exercise, and massage regimens all work together.

Try more protein and less (bad) carbs:

Cutting down on simple sugars is generally considered a healthy dietary choice, not just for weight loss, but in general. However, a high protein diet is also important for weight training and other methods of building muscle mass. Protein and the kinds of complex carbs that come from whole grains will give you a steady source of energy without having to rely on bursts from sugar.

Burn more calories as well as consuming fewer calories

If you are starting a plan to lose weight, combining a new exercise routine with a new diet will be more effective than either one would be on its own.

Eat about half an hour before exercising

This will help make sure you have plenty of energy. It is also a reason not to have too many processed sugars—you would be setting yourself up to crash part way through your workout. Waiting about half an hour will give your digestive system enough time to get started, and the blood will start diffusing back to the rest of your body, which avoids cramping. Remember the rule about waiting to swim after eating.

Combine yoga or Pilates with massage

Proper rest can be an important part of any exercise routine. When you are tackling something like yoga or Pilates that is focused on awareness of your body, using massage as part of your resting routine can help improve your stretching and breathing techniques.

Recovery and flexibility

Even with other types of workouts, a good massage after you are done can help keep aches and stiffness from setting in. Keeping your muscles more relaxed will help improve the quality of movement in your workout and help you make the most of it. You will also get a better indication of how your exercise is affecting different muscle groups.

Although it can be a challenge, you can keep up with all the most important aspects of your health and wellness regime. All it takes is a little bit of planning and forethought to make it work. Once you form good habits, you will see the positive effects in many ways.

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