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Mistakes to Avoid With Foam Rolling

Mistakes to Avoid With Foam Rolling
17 Aug 15

Mistakes to Avoid With Foam Rolling

While foam rolling can be one of the most beneficial things you could do for your muscles, if done wrong it can also cause you more pain than you are already experiencing. It is important to talk to a health professional, massage therapist, or read on the mistakes to avoid before foam rolling. Just like stretching and weight lifting, you would not want to make the mistake of doing an improper movement that may cause damage. Here are some suggestions to avoid common mistakes:

The most important rule when it comes to foam rolling is to go slow! Going too fast does not give the muscle enough time to relax and will not eliminate any tightness or adhesions this way.

Although foam rolling can be somewhat painful, it is important not to hold your breath while performing the motions. This will take blood and oxygen away from the muscle and hinder the full benefits of foam rolling. This may be something that you never noticed you were doing, before so it may take some attention and focus to prevent.

Make sure that you don’t use the foam roller over your bones or organs. Keep the roller just on the muscles, especially when using it on your legs and arms. Avoid your knees and elbows! It is alright to get close to these joints but, as you may notice, it will not feel good going over them. This is why therapists will advise against using a foam roller on the lower back due to possible damage to the spine.

Don’t roll just after your workout. Try to do it before and after your workout, for the most benefit to blood flow and muscle knots.

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