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Expectant Mothers Can Prepare for a Shorter, Easier Labor with Massage Therapy

Expectant Mothers Can Prepare for a Shorter, Easier Labor with Massage Therapy
3 Aug 15

Expectant Mothers Can Prepare for a Shorter, Easier Labor with Massage Therapy

Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman’s life, but childbirth can be painful and complicated. Any expectant mother who is hears that there is a way to experience a shorter and easier labor with a treatment that is non-invasive, all-natural, reduces stress, and is actually enjoyable will likely be quite interested in learning more about it! Massage therapy treatment can offer these benefits to pregnant women.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Expectant Mothers

Labour can invoke a bit of anxiety from the outset until the baby is delivered happy and healthy. While massage is known to decrease anxiety, its benefits in the labour process go far beyond stress relief.

One study conducted regarding labour pain instructed the partners of pregnant women to massage the women during the first 15 minutes of labour and for 15 minutes every hour thereafter. The study results showed that the women who were given this massage treatment during labour experienced significantly less pain, a reduced need for pain medication, and a labour that was, on average, three hours shorter than the average labour term

Additional Benefits of Massage Therapy during Pregnancy

In addition to reducing labour-related pain and the duration of one’s labour, regular prenatal massage during pregnancy can also alleviate stress, pregnancy-related aches and pains, and reduce the risk of depression both during and after pregnancy.

According to the National Institute of Health in Bethseda, Maryland, a study was conducted on pregnant women who were diagnosed with major depression. These women were given prenatal massage twice a week over a period of 12 weeks. At the end of that 12-week period, most of the women had significantly decreased depression or no depression at all, as well as lower cortisol levels during the postpartum period. In addition, it was found that the newborns of these women were less likely to be preterm and experienced higher birth weights, indicating that massage is not only beneficial for the expectant mother, but for her growing baby as well.

When seeking prenatal massage therapy, make sure you find a massage therapist who is experienced in prenatal massage as these professionals will best know how to provide effective treatment for you. Always inform your primary healthcare provider that you are considering massage, and make sure your massage therapist is ‘in the know’ about any changes to your condition during pregnancy.

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