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How Massage Therapy Can Help Sports Injuries

How Massage Therapy Can Help Sports Injuries
8 Jun 15

How Massage Therapy Can Help Sports Injuries

When an athlete suffers from a sports injury it could mean the end of that athlete’s career if the injury is not managed properly. Fortunately, massage therapy can help in the rehabilitation of sports injuries. While physical therapy helps to increase strength and flexibility, massage therapy picks up where physical therapy leaves off by encouraging circulatory function, allowing the body to pump more oxygen to the tissues surrounding the injured site, and even assists with pain management. This allows the body to heal the injury at an accelerated rate and allows the injured individual to experience a more comfortable recovery.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Whether you have suffered a sprained ankle, a twisted knee, or even broken bones, massage therapy can help you attain a faster recovery that will get you back on the field and playing the game sooner rather than later. With the pressure that massage therapy provides, muscles are heated up, promoting the healing process. In addition, stretching the tissues surrounding the injury and breaking down adhesions allows the massage to promote quicker healing.

Muscular injuries are common in sports. Massage therapy can stretch out the tightness and loosen the scar tissue, which can aid in a speedy recovery. If a bone has become broken, eliminating stiffness and improving mobility is a must. Massage therapy can assist in reducing stiffness and restoring movement in these cases.

The Different Types of Massage Therapy

There are different types of massage therapy available to those who have suffered a sports injury, with each form of massage having its own benefits. Swedish massage can help an individual relax and stay energized after an injury has occurred. Deep tissue massage can flush the lactic acid and other metabolic waste from the muscles, getting more oxygen-rich blood to flow to the injured area so the injury can heal effectively.

Massage therapy can also assist in alleviating the pain associated with a sports injury. With an effective massage therapy program, you can not only help your body heal more quickly and effectively, but also reduce the pain you experience during the healing process.

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