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Five ways to Relax and De-Stress

Five ways to Relax and De-Stress
25 May 15

Five ways to Relax and De-Stress

Stress and tension can take many different forms. Whether you are going through a particularly stressful time in your life or perhaps just feeling a bit worn down from your everyday routine, there are ways to help yourself achieve relaxation. These quick and easy methods can help pick you up…without stressing out even more about how much time you are taking to fit them in!

Stepping outside

Make sure you get exposure to sunlight during the day, even just for 15 or 20 minutes; this will help establish and settle your body’s circadian rhythm. Disruption of your ‘body clock’ can throw off your metabolism, so getting sunlight whenever possible will help your body maintain itself more easily.

Moving around

A quick walk can help clear your head by getting your blood flowing and loosening up your muscles, and it can also give you a nice endorphin boost. It doesn’t have to be a full workout—in fact, that can be too much. Some lighter activity will help pick up your energy and mood.

Finding something else to focus on

This is important especially for those weekends when you can’t seem to stop worrying about troubles at work or about what you will be doing next week. Try finding a game, hobby or other activity, whether tennis, cooking, or other activity that takes up enough concentration to keep you from obsessing over something you are not in a position to control. Pushing these types of worries to your subconscious for a period of time can even be helpful for problem solving.

Meditation and breathing exercises

Taking just a few minutes to stop and unwind can help you get back to what you were doing, but feeling refreshed. Deep breathing will improve the flow of oxygen through your body and calm down your nervous system. Settling down your body can help calm your mind as well.

Listening to music

Find a song you like and spend some time just listening to it. This can help energize you in a positive way. It can help ease everyday stress, and has been shown to help with serious anxiety tied to strong negative stressors. Classical music in particular has been demonstrated to help lower heart rate, blood pressure, and stress-related chemicals, but anything that resonates with you will help increase feelings of wellbeing.

Caring for yourself begins with ensuring that your body is free of stress. It does not have to take a lot of work, though it does require a commitment on your part to keep your own health a top priority.

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