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Foam Rolling for Lower Back Pain

Foam Rolling for Lower Back Pain
18 May 15

Foam Rolling for Lower Back Pain

If you would like to avoid injections or surgery for your lower back pain, then foam rolling to release tension could be the answer. ‘Self-Myofascial Release’ can be considered a deep tissue massage that is powerful enough to cure tight muscles from working out and even chronic lower back pain. Here are the best four techniques with the foam roller for lower back pain:

For the lower back directly, you will want to place the foam roller directly underneath your lower back with your right leg lying directly out in front of you while holding your left knee. Your head will be resting directly on the ground. Start by rolling from the base of your glutes to your ribcage on your left side. After a few of these sets, repeat this on your right side.

For a wider range on the back, position yourself in the same manner as the first exercise, back flat on the floor, but keep both feet planted on the ground. Put your hands behind your head and have the foam roller be in the middle of your back. Slowly roll it down to your glutes then back up to your neck, but pause it on the glutes for a minute to maximize the release of the trigger point. Make sure to do this exercise extremely slowly, as fast motions can result in more strain, especially on the spine.

When hamstring muscles get strained, many people do not realize that this can directly affect the lower back. To help your lower back by working with the hamstrings, start by sitting up straight with your hands facing backward, and most of your weight placed on them. Place the foam roller underneath the upper hamstring muscles, just below the glutes. Cross your left leg over the right and start rolling the foam roller from the glutes to right above the right knee. As always, go steady and hold it for a few seconds when under the lower hamstring.

The glutes foam rolling exercise can not only benefit the lower back but help if the back pain is causing sciatica pain. Place your hands on the ground and hold yourself up with your left foot down on the ground. Place the foam roller under your glutes and bring your other leg up on the left knee. Roll on the right side of your hip and roll slowly for a couple of minutes before switching sides.

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