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Top Three Foam Roller Exercises

Top Three Foam Roller Exercises
23 Mar 15

Top Three Foam Roller Exercises

Self-Myofascial release, aka foam rolling, has many different techniques as well as many different purposes for muscle relief. After all, if the muscles in our body are not properly taken care of it can lead to loss of flexibility, not to mention painful adhesions. Taking care of our entire body is vitally important, especially to maintain an active lifestyle. Here are a few techniques that will help improve your flexibility, reduce inflammation, and take care of those pesky adhesions and scar tissue.

Upper Back exercises can be tricky at first to accomplish, but they can also be quite beneficial. To start, position the roller underneath your shoulder blades and simply rest your back on the roller. While keeping your hands placed behind your head, lift your butt up and slowly roll forward so the roller moves between the middle of your back, then back to the shoulder blades. Don’t go too low or too fast; just keep a nice even pace. One thing to keep in mind is to never tilt your head forward to look at your legs when rolling. This can place strain on the spine, so always make sure to keep your head and neck aligned with your back.

For Quadriceps exercises, start by lying face down on the ground with the foam roller placed under the thighs. Lay your arms straight on the ground, bending the elbows, while your feet are straight off the ground. Then use your arms to roll your body back and forth very slowly, bringing the foam roller down to the knees and then up to the pelvic region. Do these sets for about one minute.

Rubbing out the hamstrings and glutes is not only beneficial to those areas for working out, but help increase flexibility and endurance for other exercises. They increase strength within the hips and help the muscles in the hamstrings; this in turn will provide you with a good basis for a full workout.

The foam roller is going to be positioned right under the thighs, but this time you are going to be sitting up with your legs extended in front of you. Your hands should be flat on the ground, facing in same direction as the legs. Slowly roll the roller from the knees to the bottom of your glutes, and if you can, try bringing your legs in and out while it is rolling for extra hamstring support.

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