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Why You Need Variety Within Fitness To Get Results

Why You Need Variety Within Fitness To Get Results
2 Mar 15

Why You Need Variety Within Fitness To Get Results

Do you feel like you are doing the same thing every single time you hit the gym? Are you bored with your workout regimen? Well, chances are that if you feel bored and uninspired, then your body is going to get to that same point. If you have hit that dreaded plateau or if you just are not getting results like you used to, try to incorporate a little bit of variety into your workout routine.

When you first started working out, you may have been very enthusiastic and tried new things. You saw your body change, you lost weight, and you gained muscle. It was amazing! Then that same routine started to feel stale and you were bored with it. That routine that was once working for you has stopped, and you are ready to give up. That is because your body has stopped responding to the same old thing and accepted it as your norm. It expects that same consistent level of fitness, and it’s not going to respond with results like you once had.

This One Element Will Give You That Boost You Need

You need to add variety into your workout—new routines, group classes, increased resistance workouts, and completely different activities that you may have never tried before. This acts as a jumpstart to your body and not only gets you motivated again, but forces your body to respond favourably. When you add more resistance, your body will respond by building more muscle. When you try that new kickboxing class, for example, you are likely working new and different muscles that you didn’t even know you had.

Variety goes much farther than just keeping things interesting. When you ‘mix it up’ you keep the body guessing, and that is the one surefire way to get it to give you results. If you just hit the treadmill every single time you work out, you are not doing anything to motivate your body or your mind. So don’t be afraid to try something new…it will truly help to get you to where you want to be. This makes for more excitement and motivation to stay with your workouts, and ultimately this means that you get those results that you have been working so hard to get.

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