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How Massage Therapy Can Reduce and Alleviate Migraines

How Massage Therapy Can Reduce and Alleviate Migraines
26 Jan 15

How Massage Therapy Can Reduce and Alleviate Migraines

Nothing is quite as debilitating as a migraine, and those who suffer from them frequently know exactly how significantly they can interfere with one’s ability to function on a day-to-day basis. While prescription medications are available to help alleviate migraine pain and even prevent migraines altogether, some users may experience side effects that could actually be worse than the migraines themselves. This is one reason why so many migraine sufferers look for less intrusive ways to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by migraine headaches. Fortunately, for those who suffer from the excruciating pain that a migraine can cause, massage therapy can help reduce the occurrence of migraines as well as alleviate migraine pain.

The Relationship between Massage Therapy and Migraine Relief

Research studies have focused on massage therapy and how it can provide relief for those who suffer from migraines. While studies have certainly shown that massage therapy can help migraine sufferers, the exact process by which massage provides relief is not known due to the many factors which can trigger migraine headaches.

Some experts believe that massage therapy may help reduce migraines by causing serotonin to be released in to the brain. Since many studies have indicated a connection between serotonin and migraines, a treatment aimed at helping the body release this chemical could also help the body fend off migraines. Massage therapy is one way to naturally help your body produce the serotonin it needs to fight migraine pain.

Migraine prevention is far from the only benefit that massage therapy can offer to those who suffer from migraines, however. When someone is in the midst of a migraine, their symptoms may be alleviated by head massage. The massage can block the pain signals that are sent to the brain, thereby assisting an individual in achieving rapid pain reduction during a migraine attack. A registered massage therapist is trained to know headache trigger points and with feedback from the patient, can provide optimal relief from headache pain.

Treatment You Can Enjoy

The relaxing treatment of massage therapy is something that migraine suffers can not only benefit from, but can also enjoy. If you have been suffering from migraines and find that you are on the losing end of the battle, booking a few sessions of massage therapy may actually turn the tables in your favour.

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