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How to Work Exercise into the Busiest of Schedules

How to Work Exercise into the Busiest of Schedules
19 Jan 15

How to Work Exercise into the Busiest of Schedules

We are often reminded of how important it is to make time for exercise. Unfortunately, for many of us, there are plenty of other priorities that we also need to find room for in the day. Sometimes it can be too easy to let exercising slide. How do you make sure your workout time doesn’t get shortchanged?

Fit movement into transportation

One of the simplest ways to keep active is to walk, bike, and take the stairs instead of elevators whenever possible. Remember to bring fresh clothes to work or to the gym to change into if necessary. When walking the whole route is impractical, you can still increase your movement by parking farther away from your destination, or getting off the bus at an earlier stop. These ‘little things’ sometimes take a bit of extra time, but the results are well worth it.

Work out at lunch

Set aside some of your lunch hour for a short trip to the gym if possible, or for a jog or at least a walk. A quick workout with some lighter weights is also a good idea here.

Make the most of your chores

Yard work and even moderately intense housecleaning will help you burn calories, which is another reason to keep on top of those chores!

Find something you like

Regardless of what you have been told is the ‘best’ routine, if you can find a type of exercise you enjoy doing you will be more motivated to find the time for it. Whatever particular health goals you might be focused on, you will likely to be able to find an activity or class you enjoy, whether it is yoga, spin, or even dance. This will definitely help you fit the activity into your schedule and lifestyle.

Don’t sit when you can stand or move

If you like to relax by watching TV or reading, try fitting a treadmill, stationary bike, or similar workout into your routine. Some yoga or simple exercises like jumping jacks and running in place while in front of the TV are also useful. At some workplaces or in a home office you might be able to get a ‘standing desk’.

A key technique to increase your daily exercise is to take advantage of whatever time you might find in your day to add a few steps, a few stairs, or some stretching. When it comes to exercise, some movement is always better than none at all.

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