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Recuperating from a Motor Vehicle Injury

Recuperating from a Motor Vehicle Injury
12 Jan 15

Recuperating from a Motor Vehicle Injury

Car accidents can result in many negative physical and mental effects. Some of them only become evident over time, well after the event has taken place. This type of pain can sometimes become chronic if not definitively treated. There are many different types of treatment available for different injuries.

Whiplash and neck injury

This is one of the most common types of injury sustained in car accidents. Whiplash is not actually a medical term; it refers to a general category of strains caused by overextension of the neck, typically from a sudden impact to the vehicle. It can include pain, numbness or tingling, and can extend to the shoulders, arms, and upper back.

Treatment early in the process can help make recovery faster and more complete. Although immobilization used to be a common approach, active treatment like physical therapy is now more often recommended. Massage therapy can also help to make muscles more flexible and keep them from stiffening up, preserving a greater range of movement and limiting pain. Early treatment can also emphasize psychological relaxation post event.

Later treatment tends to focus on specific injuries and chronic lingering pain. Along with muscle manipulation, it can encourage better circulation to improve the flow of oxygen, fluids, and nutrients to injured tissue, as well as clearing away waste products stemming from muscle tension.

Lower back injuries

Car accidents also sometimes cause other types of back injuries, such as herniated discs. This occurs when the outer ring of one of the discs between vertebrae tears. Although surgery may be required in more severe cases, pain can often be eased with physical therapy and massage. Spinal manipulation is generally safe and can often be effective in this situation.

Massage therapy can be helpful in easing minor strain injuries that might arise as the body tries to protect and compensate for injuries, particularly in the shorter term. Along with physical therapy, massage treatment can help muscles to adapt.

Limb injuries

Physical therapy can also preserve function after limb and joint injuries. While broken bones are common injuries after a motor vehicle accident, the immobilized recovery period for these can lead to stiffness and extensive scar tissue forming. Massage therapy is effective in helping to recover from this and similar types of tissue tears or sprains. Not only does it help maintain and restore flexibility, pain relief can also be helpful in improving function, since pain in itself tends to limit the range of motion.

Those experiencing pain or discomfort after a car accident, even months or years after the event, should not hesitate to consider massage as part of their treatment plan. It can be a valuable tool to achieving full recovery after a motor vehicle injury.

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