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The Power of Protein: Why You Need More

The Power of Protein: Why You Need More
22 Dec 14

The Power of Protein: Why You Need More

If you’re going about a fat loss diet – or you’re simply looking to maintain better health, one thing that you absolutely must be doing is getting enough protein into your day.

Sadly, this is also the nutrient that so many people miss out on, thus ruining their diet set-up.

Let’s look at the key benefits of protein so that you can see why it is so important to your progress.

Calms Hunger

First, protein is the top nutrient to eat if you want to calm your hunger pangs in a hurry. Those who have diets higher in protein tend to eat fewer calories overall because they simply aren’t as hungry as those with carb-based diets.

Protein does a very good job at controlling blood glucose levels so it helps ensure that you stay on an even keel in the hours after your meal.

A stable blood glucose levels helps you avoid that dreaded blood glucose crash that will instantly evoke great hunger and fatigue.

Boosts Your Metabolism

Second, protein also boosts your metabolism. It has a high ‘thermic effect of food’, which means the body burns a high number of calories just breaking it down.

For every 100 calories of protein you eat, you’ll burn up about 25 calories through digestion. Compare this with fat and carbs, which come in at 2 and 5 calories respectively.

Maintains Lean Muscle Mass

Finally, lean protein is also critical to maintaining your lean muscle mass, which also keeps your metabolism going strong.

If you don’t get enough protein and are doing intense workout sessions, you’ll get weaker not stronger – clearly not your goal.

So make sure that you are eating enough protein on a day-to-day basis. You should aim for around one gram per pound of body weight for best results.

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