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Why Full Body Workouts Are Best

Why Full Body Workouts Are Best
15 Dec 14

Why Full Body Workouts Are Best

If you’re getting ready to design a new workout, one type of workout that you should strongly be considering is the full body workout protocol.

This variation of workout session is going to yield superior performance, so it is much more preferable compared to the split body workouts that many people get into the habit of doing.

Let’s go over why a full body workout is best so that you can see why it’s a must to consider including in your protocol.

Faster Calorie Burn

The very first reason to consider doing a full body workout is because of the fact these are great for causing your body to burn up a number of calories at an accelerated pace. You’ll get a boost to your metabolism for up to 48 hours after doing each session, so if you do three per week, you’ll maintain a higher calorie burn all week long.

Greater Strengthening Benefits

Next, because full body workouts require you to use so many compound exercises and these are the exercises that have you lifting the most weight overall, you’ll also get superior strengthening benefits as well.

If you want to boost your fitness level fast, full body workouts are the way to go.

Improved Rest Time

Moving along, you’ll also get four full days off each week to rest and recover, which is more than you get with any other workout protocol you could use.

And in addition to that you’ll also hit each muscle group three times per week, providing a higher total training frequency.

This combination – high frequency along with a high amount of rest is going to lead to much faster progress than a split body workout.

So if you have yet to try a full body workout, now’s the time. Design your own plan and you will be off to seeing faster results than you dreamed possible.

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