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Is Fruit Bad For Fat Loss?

Is Fruit Bad For Fat Loss?
8 Dec 14

Is Fruit Bad For Fat Loss?

One thing that is often discussed – with various points of view – is whether fruit is a bad choice if you are following a fat loss diet.

Can you really eat fruit and still lose weight… or should it be avoided altogether?

Let’s look at what you need to know.

The Calories

First, obviously fruit is going to contain calories, so these must get added to your daily diet plan. That said, fruit is relatively low in calories overall, so if it helps you satisfy your craving for something sweet, it’s calories well invested. As always, pay attention to serving sizes, and some fruits are more calorie-laden than others.

Most people should easily have room for a couple of pieces of fruit per day as part of their calorie intake. Most fruits contain a mere 50-100 calories per cup or piece.

The Nutrients

Fruit is also loaded with nutrients, making it an important contributor to a healthy diet. Not only will you get dietary fibre, but you’ll also get a load of antioxidants along with vitamins and minerals. Try a range of colours – green kiwi, blueberries, red strawberries, orange melon etc.

Choose from a large variety of fruits to make it an ideal part of your diet. Fruit can really add interest and ‘eye appeal’ to a green salad as well!

The Sugar

Now for the part that worries people – the sugar content. What you need to remember about fruit is that all in all, there isn’t that much sugar since it contains so few calories and the sugar that is found in it is half fructose, half glucose, so it won’t impact your blood sugar like a candy bar would. By eating whole fruits instead of drinking fruit juice, the added fibre assists in controlling blood sugar levels and slowing the digestion of the sugars.

So the take home message? Don’t avoid fruit. Eat it in moderation and you can easily still see the weight loss results you’re after.

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