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Treating Headaches with Massage

Treating Headaches with Massage
1 Dec 14

Treating Headaches with Massage

If you are someone who suffers from headaches on a regular basis, one thing that you may want to consider is starting up regular massage therapy. When most people think of massage therapy, they tend to think about muscular pain and injury; however massage therapy can also work very well for helping you combat headaches – even before they start.

Let’s look closer.

Ease Tension

First, one of the leading causes of headaches in the first place is excess tension built up in the muscles at the top of the spine and all throughout the neck.

By applying massage therapy to these areas to loosen up those tissues and quickly provide tension relief in itself can often reduce the severity of the headaches occurring.

Stress Reduction

Additionally, in some people, headaches are simply caused by a high level of daily stress, which leads to increased tension being held in these muscles as well.

Massage therapy in general tends to have very good stress reduction benefits. This fact can also help to ensure that you put those headaches behind you.

In this scenario, you don’t even have to have treatment in the neck region for relief to occur – if your headaches are purely stress related, you will benefit from any mode of massage.

Seeking a Trained Therapist

Finally, make note that if you are experiencing tension related headaches due to tense muscles near the base of the skull, it will be important to seek out a highly skilled massage therapist. It’s important they are able to locate the correct muscles involved to provide you with the relief you need, so a skilled therapist is important.

So as you can see, massage therapy can be a great way to reduce the severity as well as the frequency of any headaches you might be experiencing.

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