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Get Toned Abs with These Three Exercises

Get Toned Abs with These Three Exercises
17 Nov 14

Get Toned Abs with These Three Exercises

If you want to be the owner of a firm and flat midsection, knowing the right core moves to perform will help. Those who are repeating crunch after crunch are very unlikely to ever see the results they want.

Try the following three moves and you will quickly see your stomach firm up as you gain functional core strength to help you with any other activity you perform.

1. Prone Ball Roll-In

The first great core exercise is the prone-ball roll-in. Place the ball under your feet, hands down on the ground, and then roll it up towards the chest contracting the abs as you go.

This is a great move to get every muscle fibre in your core contracting as tight as possible.

2. Decline Twisting Sit-Ups

Next, decline twisting sit-ups are another stand-out core move to add. The twist in the movement will help to call the oblique muscles into play, targeting those ‘love handles’ that many people struggle with.

In addition, the decline position also means you have to work against the forces of gravity, making the exercise itself that much more challenging.

3. The Plank Hold

Finally, don’t forget about the plank hold. This one is an isometric exercise that will help build muscle strength and endurance. To add more challenge, consider placing the hands or feet up on an exercise ball as you go about the movement.

If you add in these three core exercises regularly, you should feel – and see – a difference in no time.

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