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Top 3 Foam Roller Techniques

Top 3 Foam Roller Techniques
3 Nov 14

Top 3 Foam Roller Techniques

Feeling a little sore? If so, one of the top techniques you might want to use to help speed your recovery is foam rolling. Foam rolling is one of the hottest techniques you can use and was more formerly used very frequently by athletes. However, it is now being more commonly used by even recreational exercisers.

Let’s take a look at three foam rolling techniques to consider.

1. Lower Back Roll

The first roller exercise is the lower back roll. This can help to loosen up tight muscle tissues in the back region and help to prevent long-term lower back pain.

To perform this roll, simply place the foam roller underneath the lower back and then slowly roll the hips back and forth as you feel the tension releasing in the lower back.

Continually do this for 10-15 repetitions before resting and repeating again if needed.

2. Side Thigh Roll

Next, place the foam roller just under the side of the body, slightly above the knee with the body facing the sideways direction. Cross the other leg over the straightened leg and then slowly roll the foam back and forth around the upper thigh as you release tension in this region of the body.

Once finished, switch sides and repeat.

3. Hip Roll

Finally, the last exercise that you can do is the hip roll. This one is similar to the side thigh roll only this time, you’ll place the roller up by the hip, balancing the body on it as you place the hands securely on the floor to balance.

Roll back and forth along the roller as you release tension in this region as well before switching sides and repeating.

So there you have three foam rolling exercises to try. Do these exercises as they have been outlined, and you should feel looser and more prepared for any physical activity.

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