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Why a Team of Therapists Beats an Individual Therapist

Why a Team of Therapists Beats an Individual Therapist
13 Oct 14

Why a Team of Therapists Beats an Individual Therapist

Before starting a program of massage therapy, one thing that you may want to consider is hiring a team of therapists rather than just working with a single therapist. What are the advantages to doing this?
Let’s take a closer look.

More Diverse Background

The first reason to work with a team rather than a single therapist is because they will each bring their own experience to the table. This means you get a more diverse background of techniques, ensuring you receive the top level support you need.

More Time Availability

Additionally, the more therapists you’re working with, the more time availability you’ll have to select your massage appointments from. For those who lead busy lifestyles, this will obviously be a very beneficial factor as well.

At times, if you are working with just a single therapist, it can be weeks before you get in for a second booking.

Best Treatment for Your Goals

Finally, you’ll also get the best overall treatment for your goal set as well. If you work with a massage therapy team, they will help pinpoint the perfect type of treatment for what you are hoping to accomplish and then that treatment will be delivered.

If you work with just a single therapist, this won’t be the case.

So as you can see, it pays to have more than one massage therapist on your team. With a common treatment file that lets any therapist review your previous massage history, it’s very easy to simply pick right back up where you left off after your last session.

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