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Speed Your Recovery with the Foam Roller

Speed Your Recovery with the Foam Roller
6 Oct 14

Speed Your Recovery with the Foam Roller

Looking to enhance your recovery from intense workout sessions? If so, make sure that you are not overlooking the benefits that a foam roller can offer. Foam rollers are becoming very popular among the general population, while in previous times, it was primarily a tool that athletes utilized.

By taking a look at what a foam roller is and how it can help you as you go about leading an active lifestyle, you can see why it’s beneficial to have in your recovery protocol.

Just what is a Foam Roller?

A foam roller is basically a cylindrical piece of foam that you are going to place under various areas of your body where you are feeling extra tight or tense.

As you place the foam under this area, you are then to transfer your entire body weight over this piece of foam, which then puts extra pressure on the tight area, causing it to press into the foam and provide an intense muscular contraction.

Then as you roll over the foam and remove the tension applied to those muscle cells, you will get a strong relaxation response and feel the stress leaving the muscles.

This in turn is what helps to offer great relaxation benefits and allows you to see similar benefits as you would from a massage.

Using the Foam Roller

Most people will see best results using a foam roller a day or two after a workout session when muscle tightness starts to occur; however, it can be used at any point as well when you simply want to achieve deeper muscular relaxation.

So don’t overlook the foam roller any longer. It might just be the tool you need to get into place to see a faster rate of recovery.

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