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Sleep and Fat Loss: What’s the Connection?

Sleep and Fat Loss: What’s the Connection?
29 Sep 14

Sleep and Fat Loss: What’s the Connection?

If you are someone who is on a fat loss diet plan, one thing that you must make sure you are taking into account is how much you are sleeping each and every night.

Lack of total sleep is the fastest way to short circuit your results for a variety of different reasons. Let’s look at what those reasons are right now so you can see why this is so integral to your success.

Sleep and your Metabolic Rate

First, those who aren’t sleeping as much as they should are more likely to experience a decline in their metabolic rate, meaning they burn fewer calories all day long.

As you already know, the more calories you burn each day, the faster you will lose weight, so you definitely don’t want to be doing anything that will cause your ‘burn’ to slow down.

Sleep 8 hours per night and you can enjoy a faster metabolic rate 24/7.

Sleep and Hunger

Next, those who aren’t sleeping enough are also far more likely to experience high levels of hunger throughout the day. Their body will be tired and as a result, in search of food for energy.

What they really need is more sleep, however. In addition, your insulin sensitivity levels also go down when you aren’t sleeping enough, which means you’re more likely to convert carbohydrates you eat to body fat stores.

Sleep and Recovery

Finally, those who aren’t sleeping enough won’t be recovering from their workout sessions either, which can mean slower gym progress.

This can also lead to low intensity workouts, meaning a reduced rate of metabolic enhancement that intense workouts bring.

So make your sleep schedule a priority! If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it is definitely going to hinder your fat loss progress.

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