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Three Steps to Add More Intensity to Your Workouts

Three Steps to Add More Intensity to Your Workouts
22 Sep 14

Three Steps to Add More Intensity to Your Workouts

Do you want to create a more intense workout session? If the answer is ‘yes’, you need to know about these three quick steps that you can take to get the job done. Always remember that the more intense your workout sessions are, the faster the results you will tend to see and the quicker you will find yourself at top levels of fitness.

Here are three steps to take to boost the overall intensity of any workout session.

1. Superset Exercises

First, consider ‘supersetting’ your exercises together rather than doing one after another. A superset is a very intense training technique and can also reduce the total amount of time that you need to spend in the gym. To execute it, perform one exercise and then immediately perform another set of another exercise. Once both sets are completed, then you can stop to rest again before carrying on.

It will work best with full body workouts doing an upper body exercise ‘supersetted’ with a lower body movement.

2. Decrease Rest

Next, also focus on decreasing the total amount of rest time you have during that workout session as well. Rather than taking 2 minutes to rest, bump this down to 60 or 90 seconds. The less time you have to rest, the harder your body is going to have to work to keep up.

Just be sure that you never sacrifice good form in the process – keeping proper lifting technique is always a must.

3. Do Reps for Time

Finally, if you really want to bump up the intensity, aim for a ‘reps for time’ set. With this approach, rather than performing a target number of reps, aim to lift for one minute straight. Use the same weight as you normally would however and if you need to stop and rest at any point, allow yourself to do so.

Then just pick back up again as soon as you can.

So there you have three great techniques to boost the intensity of any workout session. Don’t use all three together – rather add one at a time as you go about your protocol.

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