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Do’s And Don’ts with Beverage Choices

Do’s And Don’ts with Beverage Choices
15 Sep 14

Do’s And Don’ts with Beverage Choices

As you proceed with your fat loss diet, one thing that you must take into account – and that far too many people tend to overlook – is the beverages that you are choosing on a daily basis.

If you choose high calorie beverages, you are unlikely to compensate for this by reducing your food intake. Thus, the added calories in the beverages become just that – added calories!

To help avoid this pitfall, here are some easily followed ‘do’s and don’ts’ when it comes to beverage selection.

Do Go For Green Tea

art- 15 - Do’s And Don’ts with Beverage Choices_0003If you need something hot to start your day, opt for Green tea. It is rich in antioxidants and will help to speed up your metabolic rate – definitely two benefits for those seeking fat loss.

Don’t Drink Gourmet Coffees

art- 15 - Do’s And Don’ts with Beverage Choices_0002On the flip side, stay away from gourmet coffee drinks at all costs. Not only are these loaded with sugar, they are often made with full-fat milk and topped with whipping cream! This is not exactly what you should be looking for in your diet regimen, and you will not be happy to learn than you just drank half of your day’s caloric allotment on a quick coffee break!

Do Go For Water with a Lemon

art- 15 - Do’s And Don’ts with Beverage Choices_0000Another great way to stay hydrated is with some lemon flavoured water. A slice of lemon or lime added to a glass of water is a fast and easy way to help boost the taste and help you get enough in. Some crushed ice or ice cubes keep your water refreshing.

Water really is the best beverage you can consume!

Don’t Go For Fruit Juice

art- 15 - Do’s And Don’ts with Beverage Choices_0001Finally, make sure that you avoid fruit juice. While it may come from real fruit, it is too high in calories from the concentrated sugar it contains and doesn’t have the benefit of the fibre you gain when you eat fresh fruit. Sadly, fruit juices contain almost as much sugar as pop!

Review your daily intake of beverages – are you perhaps unwittingly sabotaging yourself with ‘empty’ liquid calories?

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