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Why Does My Therapist Need To Know My Medical History?

Why Does My Therapist Need To Know My Medical History?
8 Sep 14

Why Does My Therapist Need To Know My Medical History?

If you are considering getting started with massage therapy, one thing that you must make sure you do beforehand is inform your therapist of your full medical history. This is going to be very essential for your own safety as well as so you can get the best massage possible.

Let’s go over why this is so important so that you are not overlooking any critically important reasons.

It Ensures They Know Of Any Massage Limitations

First, informing your massage therapist of your medical history is going to help your therapist determine whether there are any massage limitations in place. In some cases, depending on your health history, there may be certain techniques they should not be using, so this will make those more apparent.

It Can Help Them Pinpoint Techniques to Be Using

In addition to that, informing them of your background is also going to help them pinpoint which techniques are going to be working best for you to ensure an optimal massage. Some massage therapy practices will help you manage certain health conditions better, so if that’s the case, they can be sure to use those methods.

It Opens the Doors for Further Discussion

Finally, by talking to your massage therapist about your medical history, it will also open up room for discussion on any other health or personal issues that they may need to know about. By speaking first about your medical history, it may bring other factors to mind that you will then feel comfortable telling them as well.

So there you have the primary reasons why you should be talking to your therapist about your past medical history. Make sure that you do take the time to have this discussion with them.

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