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What Massage Does To Your Muscles

What Massage Does To Your Muscles
11 Aug 14

What Massage Does To Your Muscles

If you’re thinking of getting massage therapy work done, it’s important to consider how this is going to impact your body so that you can make sure you are ready for the sessions ahead. Many people don’t fully realize what massage does for your muscles, so this will be important for you to understand.

Let’s look at what you need to know.

Relaxing the Muscle Tissue

The first thing that massage therapy is going to do is relax the muscle tissues. When the therapist presses on the muscles in various areas, the cells will immediately contract and tighten very intensely but then as the massage rubs out the muscle, that tension will be released and the muscle cell will begin to move into a state of deeper relaxation.

In some cases, the tight muscles will be pressing up against nerves in the body, causing pain in that regard but when they are brought to the state of higher relaxation, this pressure will be removed and that will also help to ease the way you’re feeling.

Improving Blood Flow to the Sore and Tight Muscles

In addition to relaxing the muscle tissue, the other way in which massage therapy is going to work is by improving blood flow to the sore and tight muscles. Increased circulation means more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the muscle cells, which then means that you will experience improved recovery capacity as well.

Without adequate nutrients moving to the muscles, recovery rates will be very low and you may stay in the injured state.

So there you have the main ways in which massage impacts your muscles. When performed regularly, it can go a long way towards easing muscle pain and soreness.

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