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Is Massage Safe For Everyone?

Is Massage Safe For Everyone?
4 Aug 14

Is Massage Safe For Everyone?

If you are focusing on taking steps to improve your health and fitness level, one thing that you may be wondering about is whether massage therapy is a safe option for everyone. Or are there conditions or situations that are not appropriate for this form of treatment?

Let’s take a look at what you should know.

Generally Safe for Most People

Generally speaking, massage is going to be safe for almost everyone. Most people will tolerate it very well and find it a pleasant experience. It will enhance their current health and sense of well-being.

Those with Serious Health Conditions Should Consult Their Doctor

If you have serious health conditions such as cancer, a heart problem or chronic health conditions, be sure to consult with your physician and get their approval before you begin a program of massage therapy. Pregnant women should also consult with their primary medical practitioner who is managing their care during the course of their pregnancy.

Keep Your Therapist Informed

Make sure to keep your therapist informed of any changes to your overall health. Most therapists will have you complete a confidential medical history prior to your first visit. Ask questions about anything you are unsure about.  Be sure to talk to them about any issues that are arising and if there are any changes to your current state of health that may influence the nature of the treatment they give.

This will be vital to ensure you get the best care possible with each massage you have.

So all in all, massage therapy is something that will work well for just about everyone, but keeping these tips in mind will help ensure you stay as safe as possible.

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