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Quick Tips to Ease Muscle Soreness

Quick Tips to Ease Muscle Soreness
21 Jul 14

Quick Tips to Ease Muscle Soreness

Dealing with muscle soreness? Whether you are just starting out with a workout program or you are a veteran fitness buff, muscle soreness is often part of the game. While it does tend to be highest when first starting back after a layoff, you can experience it at any point when you push yourself to the limit.

To help ease this muscle soreness, there are a few key things that you should be doing.

Here’s what to know:

Stretch after the Workout

art - 36 - Quick Tips to Ease Muscle Soreness - 03First, make sure that you are stretching after the workout session is completed. Stretching is going to help to reduce the tension held in the muscle tissue, which is what can contribute to feeling tight and sore.

Make sure to hold each stretch you do for at least 15-20 seconds to reap full benefits.

Take a Hot Bath

art - 36 - Quick Tips to Ease Muscle Soreness - 01Next, also make time to take a hot bath after a particularly intense workout. This will help to speed blood flow up throughout the body, increasing nutrient delivery to the muscle cells. This can then speed up the recovery that you experience.

Plus, it simply helps to relax you as well, which can go a long way towards easing soreness.

Do Light Exercise

art - 36 - Quick Tips to Ease Muscle Soreness - 02Finally, consider going for a light walk the day after the workout was completed. While exercise may be the last thing you want to do right now, a light walk can definitely help out as it will loosen up the tissues, decreasing how tight you feel.

Just don’t push yourself – you want to keep things very easy, and not taxing in any way.

So there you have three quick tips to deal with muscle soreness. Use these and you can put that muscle pain behind you.

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