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Alcohol and Bodyweight: Some Essential Facts

Alcohol and Bodyweight: Some Essential Facts
14 Jul 14

Alcohol and Bodyweight: Some Essential Facts

If you are hoping to maintain an ideal bodyweight or you are seeking fat loss, you must try to avoid alcoholic beverages. This is difficult for many people as socializing often involves having an alcoholic drink. But once you learn the impacts of alcohol on your body, you may find it easier to pass up that drink.

Here’s what you should know about…

Alcohol and Calories

Starting with the basics, you need to take into account how many calories alcohol contains. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, which is more than either carbs or protein, at 4 calories per gram each. Only fat comes in ahead at 9 calories per gram, making alcohol almost as dense. And alcohol does not include a nutritional benefit for the calories consumed.

In addition to that, many people often add high calorie mixers such as pop or fruit juice, which further increases the calorie count of each drink.

Alcohol and Fat Oxidation

Next, as soon as you put that alcohol hits your metabolic system, fat oxidation rates will come to a halt. Remember that your body identifies alcohol is a toxin, so when you consume it, your body’s top priority becomes being rid of it. Only once the alcohol is removed will your body resume its fat-burning progress.

So each time you drink, think of it as taking a ‘time-out’ from your diet.

Alcohol and Food Choices

Finally, if you are consuming a few drinks, don’t be surprised if you find yourself snacking on nachos, nuts, plates of chicken wings, or other salty high-calorie foods. It is easy to lose track of just what you have had to eat or drink.

All of these calories add up quickly, and one evening out socializing can undo the hard work of the previous few days.

If you want to maximum the results of your diet and workout regimen, you really should stay clear of alcohol as much as possible. If you are heading out for an evening with friends, think ahead of what alternatives you might choose to keep yourself on the track to success.

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