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Calorie Dense Meals for Those Seeking Muscle Gain

Calorie Dense Meals for Those Seeking Muscle Gain
30 Jun 14

Calorie Dense Meals for Those Seeking Muscle Gain

If you are someone who is looking to build lean muscle mass, one crucial aspect that must not be overlooked is to take in sufficient calories overall. You need enough calories to maintain your daily activities, as well as build lean muscle.

Here are a few ideas for ultra-high calorie meals that will make this process a lot easier.

Raw Oats and Nuts

art - 13 - 03To start your day off right, consider opting for raw oats rather than cooked. They are lower in volume so you can squeeze in more calories. To your bowl of raw oats, add in some nuts, natural peanut butter, raisins, cranberries, and top it all off with some milk mixed with protein powder.

Healthy Lasagne

art - 13 - 01Lasagne serves to be a great high calorie meal and when made with healthy ingredients, it will not cause you to put on fat. Use ground turkey rather than ground beef and add in some extra vegetables, such as zucchini, mushrooms, or bell peppers. Choosing a lower fat mozzarella cheese is helpful as well.

The pasta noodles in this dish will provide a good dose of carbs and help get the calorie count up there. Try whole grain noodles for a change of pace.

Steak with Barley and Avocado

art - 13 - 02Finally, rather than choosing chicken or fish, both of which are lower calorie options, consider some steak instead. Steak is a higher calorie protein source and contains very high quality protein. Serve it with some cooked barley with diced avocado and you will be all set with the nutrients your body needs.

Don’t let a lack of food prevent you from achieving the muscle building results you are aiming for. Find ways to sneak in high-quality calories and you will see optimal progress toward your goal.

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