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Bodyweight Cardio: Get Fit Fast with These Exercises

Bodyweight Cardio: Get Fit Fast with These Exercises
16 Jun 14

Bodyweight Cardio: Get Fit Fast with These Exercises

Are you tired of ‘going the distance’ on the treadmill? If you feel like you need a change of pace with your cardio routine, it may be time to get away from the equipment and consider bodyweight exercises.

You can get results just as quickly using bodyweight exercises for your cardio workout routine as you can from any treadmill, bike, or elliptical session. Don’t be afraid to venture away from the norm and spice up your workout routine with some variety.

Here are some bodyweight cardio exercises to consider:

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers (imagine the floor is the mountainside) are a great bodyweight cardio move to get your heart rate up and work your upper body as well.

Make sure while doing these that you jump your legs into your chest as far as possible for optimal results. [How to do a Mountain Climber]


Want to really burn calories fast? Burpees (also known as ‘squat thrusts’) should be at the top of your list of exercises! These are going to work your upper body and lower body, as well as your core. These demanding exercises will burn calories faster than running. [How to do a Burpee]

Aim to perform 10 in a row and build up from there.

Jump Squats

Jump squats are another great bodyweight cardio exercise to consider performing and will challenge all your lower body muscles as well as your core.

This exercise is also great for increasing your vertical jump ability, so if you play any team sports such as basketball or football, it can provide great transfer over benefits. [How to do a Jump Squat]

Jump Lunges

Finally, jump lunges are a great alternative to jump squats and will also work the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Do these whenever you need a change of pace…just be sure to land with the knees over the toes to avoid putting excessive strain on your knees. [How to do a Jump Lunge]

Keep these bodyweight cardio exercises in mind as you design variety into your workout routine. Don’t let boredom get in the way of your success!

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