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Massage Therapy for Golfers

Massage Therapy for Golfers
9 Jun 14

Massage Therapy for Golfers

If you’re someone who is regularly participating in the sport of golf, it is important that you are taking steps to maintain proper shoulder strength as well as lower back and lumbar strength. While golfing is a full body activity in that it will require you to walk around the course, it is these areas that are primarily going to be impacted throughout all the movement patterns you make. If your muscles begin to get tense and sore, massage therapy is one way to find relief.

Let’s look more closely at the issues massage therapy can assist with.

Tight Rotator Cuffs

The first issue that a good massage therapy treatment can help assist with is if you have a tight rotator cuff. These muscles will be called into play each time you swing your club, so you can expect to feel some tightness in this area.

As the tension and stress is released from this muscle group, this relaxation can help you have a more fluid follow through on any stroke you take.

Sore Elbow and Shoulder Joints

It is quite common for golfers to experience sore elbow and shoulder joints as well.

Massage therapy treatments can be helpful by focusing attention on this area.

Massage therapy will help to relieve any excessive stress built up on the tendons and ligaments leading up to these joints, so that can help keep you pain free.

Lower Back Pain

Finally, if you’re suffering from lower back pain due to constant twisting motions being carried out, a good massage therapy session can release tension from this region of the body as well and help ensure that you prevent long-term lower back pain.

So if you want to keep up with the demands of golf, make sure that you consider getting some massage therapy treatments on a regular basis. They can really help keep you feeling and playing your best.

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