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Avoid Injuries with These 3 Steps

Avoid Injuries with These 3 Steps
19 May 14

Avoid Injuries with These 3 Steps

As you get started with your fitness plan, it is important that you are being mindful of reducing your injury risk so that you can stay in the workout mode for months to come.

Many beginners find themselves sidelined due to injury, often due to reasons that could have been easily avoided.

Here are three steps you should follow to help prevent injury:

Warm Up Properly

Realize that working through a good warm-up is absolutely necessary if you are going to stay injury free. Sometimes people skip over the warm-up because they just don’t feel it’s necessary, or they are eager to get right to the more challenging aspects of their workout.

But to continue consistent workouts without pain or injury, there is no short cut. The warm-up is not only going to boost blood flow, but it will also help to ensure that your muscles can contract at full strength.

Learn Proper Form

As you proceed through your workout, be sure that you learn the proper form in each exercise you do. If you don’t know how – ask! A session with a personal trainer to teach you proper form could mean the difference between you keeping up your program or having to take weeks off due to a muscle pull or strain.

Don’t Train Fatigued

Finally, make sure that you listen to your body. Don’t try and push through feelings of extreme fatigue. While there will be those times when you can work through a bit of tiredness, if your body is sending you a strong message that it is finished for the day, take heed and do your cool down. You will be further ahead if you rest up so that you can come back and do a good workout another day.

With these steps in place with your routine, you can look forward to training injury-free for a long time to come.

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