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4 Great Foods to Start Your Day

4 Great Foods to Start Your Day
12 May 14

4 Great Foods to Start Your Day

Gearing up for a big day ahead? If so, ensure that you feed your body correctly first thing in the morning. So many people either skip breakfast entirely or make food choices that are counterproductive to achieving their weight goal any time soon.

It’s easier than you might think to get in a good meal when you arise. Here are four great food ideas that can be a terrific start to your day:

Fruit Smoothie

art-3-4 Great Foods to Start Your Day_01Whipping up a smoothie first thing in the morning is fast and easy and will provide you with all the nutrients you need — if you plan properly. Use protein powder, fresh fruit, skim milk, and add a bit of ground flaxseed or natural nut butter to incorporate some healthy fat. There are lots of recipe ideas at your local health food or grocery store, or online. Just make sure the combination you are whipping up has the correct balance of nutrients and calories you need.


art-3-4 Great Foods to Start Your Day_02An omelette is another great way to start your day. Dice up some vegetables for flavour and colour. Sprinkle a bit of low fat cheddar cheese on top to boost your calcium intake. Experiment with seasonings and ingredients for variety and interest.

Greek Yogurt

art-3-4 Great Foods to Start Your Day_03If you’re craving something creamy first thing in the morning, you definitely can’t go wrong with Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is loaded with protein, low in sugar, and when topped with berries and slivered almonds or walnuts, it makes for the perfect meal to start your day off right. Keep a supply in the fridge, especially for those days when you need to get a quick start.

Last Night’s Leftovers

art-3-4 Great Foods to Start Your Day_04Finally, don’t overlook last night’s leftovers. Remember that there is no rule that says you have to eat ‘breakfast’ foods first thing in the day. Mix it up and try leftovers instead.

Setting aside leftovers from your evening meal is a good way to get yourself thinking and planning for a successful start on the next day. As long as you include some protein and complex carbohydrates, you’ll be all set.

Keep these quick meal ideas in mind to help you start your day on sound nutritional footing – it will pay off all day long!

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