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Massage Therapy for Runners

Massage Therapy for Runners
21 Apr 14

Massage Therapy for Runners

As an avid runner, you are likely no stranger to injuries. Injuries are quite common in serious runners as they go about their training as this is a very high impact sport.

That said, with the right treatment and recovery plan, you can sidestep injuries before they happen.

Let’s go over some of the top reasons why massage therapy can help you manage your conditions better.

Tight Hip Flexors

The very first issue to be aware of that massage therapy can assist with is tight hip flexors. Especially if you are doing any sprint work in your running program, it is very common that you will experience tight hip flexors at some point in time.

This is normal and natural since these muscles are involved in every step that you take and massage therapy can help to relieve some of that tightness.

Stiff Hamstrings

Another place massage therapy can help is with tight and stiff hamstrings. Hamstrings are also going to be a muscle group that is worked quite heavily in each run you do, so performing some deep tissue massage can keep them performing their best.

When your hamstrings tighten up, this can lead to lower back pain over time, so it’s critical that you look after this issue.

Sore Calves

Finally, you can also get relief from tight calf muscles as well by having a massage done on a regular basis. Calf muscle tightness will be more prevalent if you do any sort of hill training, so take note of the training routine you are using and determine whether that might be a factor for you.

So there you have the three main areas where massage therapy can assist runners. If you need support, look no further than your local massage therapist to keep in top training condition.

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