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Build a Stronger Back with These Three Moves

Build a Stronger Back with These Three Moves
14 Apr 14

Build a Stronger Back with These Three Moves

Looking to build a stronger back? Having good back strength is important not only for good posture and appearance, but also for maintaining good muscular balance with the muscles of the chest. Weak back muscles can lead to aches and pains, and also cause problems over the long term.

Here are three great back exercises that you should consider doing to help strengthen this area of your body:


Don’t overlook the benefit of bodyweight pull-ups. This is one of the best upper body builders that you can do, yet one that so many people overlook. [How to do a pull-up].

Also consider switching the hand position from overhand to underhand for added variety and challenge.

Bent Over Rows

Next, bent over barbell rows are a perfect strength builder and will also help to work the biceps as well. When doing this one, make sure to keep the back flat at all times. [How to do a bent-over row].

Single Arm Rows

Last but not least, add some single arm rows to the end of the workout after you have finished with your bent over rows. [How to do a single-arm row].

Doing these with a dumbbell and working one arm at a time is going to help prevent muscular imbalances if one side is compensating for the other. This is especially important if you happen to play any sports that entail one movement pattern over and over again.

Add these three exercises to your back workout routine at least twice a week and prepare to see positive results in just a few short weeks.

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