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Tension Caused By Your Desk Job

Tension Caused By Your Desk Job
31 Mar 14

Tension Caused By Your Desk Job

If you are someone who works at a desk job, chances are good that you are riddled with a variety of body pains on a daily basis. Whether you experience lower back pain, joint stiffness, neck pain, or just sore and tense bodily muscles, your desk job is likely to blame.

Whenever you are sitting in one spot for a lengthy period of time there is going to be increased tension on certain muscles in the body and if you add to that a poor sitting position, you’re really getting yourself into trouble.

Let’s look at how you can relieve tension caused by your desk job.

Get Up and Move Every Hour

First, you’ll want to make sure that you are getting up regularly throughout the day to help avoid excessive joint and muscle stiffness from occurring. Set a timer on your desk for once an hour and when it goes, get up and move around for at least two to three minutes.

You will feel the difference this simple tip can make by day’s end.

Sit On an Exercise Ball

Next, also consider replacing your office desk chair with an exercise ball instead. This can help to cause the core muscles to contract that much harder, enabling you to maintain better overall core strength and stability.

This also helps to reduce the joint pain throughout the back and can also help to prevent poor posture as well. In the process, you’ll also see greatly increased core strengthening benefits as well, so if getting flat abs is a goal of yours, this can certainly help out.

Seek Massage Therapy

Finally, the last way to help ease soreness created by your desk job is to seek out massage therapy. Going for a regular massage is one of the top ways to help ease muscular pain and feel better on a regular basis.

One session every week or two is all you’ll need to notice a dramatic improvement.

So put these into effect so that you can put pain behind you.

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