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Improving Your Immune Function with Massage Therapy

Improving Your Immune Function with Massage Therapy
10 Mar 14

Improving Your Immune Function with Massage Therapy

One element of health that far too often gets overlooked is the body’s immune system function. We tend to think about it only when it lets us down. It is of critical importance that you take care of your immune system because not only is it going to establish how fast you recover between workouts, it also establishes whether you fall ill due to common colds and flu viruses when they come around.

Fortunately, massage therapy can really go a long way towards boosting your immune system. Let’s look closer at how this works:

Reduced Stress

The first way in which massage therapy boosts your immune system is by reducing your overall stress levels. A good massage will help to reduce excess physical and mental stress. This type of stress can really create ‘wear and tear’ on your immune system over time.

If stress continues to build, it is almost inevitable that it will eventually overwhelm your immune system.

Improved Cytotoxic Capacity

Massage therapy is also going to help to assist with improving the level of cytotoxic capacity that your immune system presents.

This refers to how concentrated the body’s natural killer cells are – these are the ‘warriors’ which combat invading germs while keeping you protected.

The more natural killer cells you have in place, the stronger your immune reaction will be.

Improved Nourishment

Finally, massage can help all areas of the body receive better nourishment as well. As blood circulation will be increased, you will see great benefits in terms of recovery to the muscle and bodily cells, strengthening how much your immune system can handle.

So think of massage as more than just a way to relax tired muscles – it can also really boost your health status as well.

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