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3 Healthy Snacks on the Go

3 Healthy Snacks on the Go
24 Feb 14

3 Healthy Snacks on the Go

If you are starting up a diet with the goal of building muscle or burning fat, one thing that you do need to take into account is what you’re consuming as snacks as the day progresses. It’s going to be important to make snacking a regular part of your day to keep your blood sugar levels stable and your energy levels up.

Many people think that snacks will cause them to gain fat. But properly planned snacks can be a vital component of a healthy diet, and if they are planned properly, good snacks can really assist you to reach your goal.

Let’s consider three healthy snacks that you should be considering as you go about your busy day:

Low Fat Cheese and an Apple

First, for a quick and easy snack on the go, slice up some reduced-fat cheddar cheese and serve it with an apple. The apple will provide fibre and that crunchy sensation, while the cheese will contribute some protein and a bit of fat. Fat takes longer to digest, so the snack will ‘stay with you’ longer. You can also pick up ‘ready to go’ portions of a variety of cheeses – just make sure you check the fat and calorie content. This high calcium snack will also help to boost your bone health.

Tuna with Salsa and Avocado

Canned tuna is a ready to go protein source, so start making good use out of it. Serve it with some salsa along with half a diced avocado for a low carb, high protein meal in seconds. Make sure you are using tuna canned in water, rather than oil.

Protein Bar

Finally, consider preparing your own protein bars by mixing together some protein powder, nut butter and a touch of honey. Toss in some oats for fibre and bulk. This is a high energy snack that is handy to take with you when you’re out and about and don’t have time to sit down and eat.

So don’t avoid snacking – snack smarter! Planning proper snacks can help you get through your day and avoid those blood sugar lows that can lead to overeating at your next meal.

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